Wellmann Immobilien La Palma

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Sale

  • Our properties are only available in conjunction with the services offered by Wellmann Immobilien.
  • Despite the utmost care, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the data, since we rely on the information given to us by the owners or third parties.
  • The right to claim a commission also arises, if through our efforts a purchase or sale is made and in case of a purchase option agreement or other contract relating to the property offered by us.
  • It is also valid, if by intervention the parties (buyer and seller) contract directly with one another, whether an immediate or subsequent contract is made.
  • A commission does not exclude the possibility that we can act indiscriminately as a contracting party with the right to commission.
  • For our services as a broker, we charge a 3% commission to the buyer and 3% to the seller plus IGIC (VAT), whether through the sale of property or land, stores, etc.
  • The minimum fee is € 1,800.00, the amount will be paid directly to Wellmann Immobilien.
  • In case of an option purchase agreement, the commission of 2% is to be paid by the seller and by the buyer. The balance of 1% is to be paid by signing the contract recorded by a notary.
  • The interested parties accept our conditions while receiving our offers. The interested parties also agree to deal with discretion about data and content of the property, don´t make it available to third parties or use them for any other purposes.

Terms and conditions for Rental

  • Long term rentals: By signing the rental contract, the landlord and tenant agree to pay one month’s rent as commission to the agency Wellmann Immobilien.

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